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  Improving Business Performance with       Enterprise Architecture Management Platforms

ADMG is dedicated to improving business performance through advanced Enterprise Intelligence that is provided by Enterprise Architecture Management Platforms.  By bringing together connected, enterprise portfolio data, and applying proven methods for analysis, we can deliver new insights that enable faster transformation, reduced risk, and improved business results. 

Since its launch in 2013, ADMG has grown in experience and reputation. With a unique focus on business performance, our clients appreciate the manner in which we work and our ability to leverage Enterprise Architecture Management Platforms with solution accelerators that connect teams and information to provide insight for action.

What drives ADMG

With relentless focus on these key tenets, ADMG strives every day to Constantly Exceed Client Expectations, Deliver Measurable Performance Improvement and Advance the Enterprise Architecture Community of Practice


Constantly   Exceed Client Expectations

We believe in being accessible and responsive. We are committed to our clients' success with their Enterprise Architecture Programs. Our business model is such that we are able to work with a number of different Enterprise Architecture Management Platform providers to ensure the best fit and get the most out of your EA Investment.

 Deliver Measurable Performance Improvement

We believe that measurement is the key to driving success.  As the old adage goes, "You can't improve what you don't measure."  By focusing on targeted, measurable outcomes we can better focus on what needs to be accomplished and understand when we have achieved the desired result. For Enterprise Architecture, quantified value is often elusive.


Advance the   Enterprise Architecture  Community of Practice

We believe Enterprise Architecture isn't just what we do but is also a passion of the profession and the people involved in this community of practice. We are committed to sharing our experiences to help others achieve success in their Enterprise Architecture efforts.  

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