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Improving Business Performance with

 Enterprise Architecture Management Platforms

Leading Enterprise Architecture Strategies for Digital Transformation, ADMG offers:
  • 20+ years of experience successfully implementing Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM) Platforms
  • Proven solution accelerators that deliver targeted business outcomes
  • Value-driven services designed to scale with the needs of the organization

Providing essential EA capabilities to ensure business success

From traditional EA Solutions including Application and Technology Portfolio Management to more advanced topics including Digital Transformation and Operational Excellence, ADMG provides a predefined set of EA Solution Accelerators that improve transformation success.
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Accelerating Enterprise Architecture Value through a Strategic Roadmap

Whether you’re looking to improve an existing Enterprise Architecture (EA) program or start one from scratch, a well-articulated strategy and roadmap are essential.  At ADMG, our EA approach starts with helping clients align their organizational structure and culture to deliver high performance capabilities. From there, we deploy EA services and solutions that will help you efficiently and effectively execute on your strategy and accomplish your business objectives.

Enabling Better Decision Making through Enterprise Intelligence

As you look for ways to align your business and technology strategies, create a coherent view of different projects or avoid duplication of efforts and save money, ADMG can help. We will work with you to select and implement an Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM) Platform that enables you to interact with your business information in a way that’s continuous, comprehensive and forward-thinking so you make faster, more informed business decisions.

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Improving Security and Compliance through EA Risk Management

Securing the enterprise against threats such as social engineering, outdated patching, security gaps, or ransomware, is critical to every organization. Understanding where non-compliance related vulnerabilities exist is often a mystery. ADMG’s Enterprise Architecture Risk Management solution can help assess your technology portfolio and determine where you need to focus to reduce risk for the organization.

Enabling Digital Transformation through a Connected Blueprint

Over time, it can be difficult to determine what technologies you have, where they're located, and how they all fit together. As we adapt to an increasingly digital world, it is all too common for technology portfolios to become highly complex with dependencies that make them difficult to manage, maintain, or change. ADMG can help you create a Connected Blueprint that simplifies your system architecture, enabling more rapid innovation, improved service levels, and reduced costs.


Ensuring Sustainable Value   through a Governance Playbook

No Enterprise Architecture Program can endure without providing ongoing value to the executive leadership team. ADMG has years of experience delivering measurable value to organizations using an Enterprise Architecture Governance Playbook and training services to ensure data stewardship is clearly defined and leadership achieves continued success.

Looking for Enterprise Architecture Insight?

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